I have loved astrology since reading Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs in the 80’s.  The summer the book was released, I was traveling through Ireland after graduating college with my MBA. It was a magical summer. It felt like everywhere in Ireland was host to a magical and spiritual place, and I immersed myself in it. 

Returning to the states, I took on a career in Boston and parked my interest in Astrology for nearly 20 years while I made a living raising a family and working in finance and operations for businesses and nonprofits.  My career was good until it wasn’t.  I formed great partnerships early in my career and we did good work together. And then the tide turned. I moved around and had 5 different jobs over 7 years.  The partnerships that had sustained me were harder to find. The culture of mastery and collaboration I had experienced was replaced by power and direction and in that culture, I failed miserably and was eventually let go. 

I gave myself permission to take a gap year and explore, discover, travel and reconnect with that which I love and found myself re-immersed in Astrology, and this time layered within a Coaching practice. 

When I began my Astrology studies, I had the hardest time retaining the data and details of planets, houses, signs, aspects.  The well of learning is bottomless. It was after I completed my Coaching program in Gestalt methodology that I was able to build out the relational aspects of astrology, the flow, tension within the orbits of planets moving and intersecting with one another, and paradoxes that are natural patterns in the movement of life. I was hooked. 

In Astrology there is an area of study that is referred to as evolutionary, soul, or karmic and that is where I found the sweet spot to layer onto coaching.  The North Node in our natal chart is what we are here to learn in this lifetime, our purpose. The South Node is what we bring into this life that is unresolved, overly developed, familiar.  Developing an awareness of the repeating patterns that we return to is helpful in making choices. Because the South Node is familiar, comfortable, and a pattern we often repeat repeatedly it is often out of balance. We have not developed what we are here to do in this lifetime, the North Node, and ultimately create the flow between what is overly developed and that which is lesser developed. 

Through the Coaching Relationship we can move through the Gestalt Cycle of Experience with a ready lens of heightened awareness and the results are therefore embedded for success.