Make your bottom line bloom

Simply put, I equip clients with the tools to make their business or non-profit thrive in a climate of better productivity.

By employing the Cycle of Experience process by Gestalt, I strive to help you cultivate a long-term growth mindset for your business or non-profit.

What I do

I am dedicated to helping you build a solid foundation that will inform your long-term growth strategy and achieve your goals.

Through extensive leadership experience, I partner with you to offer expert guidance and create customized solutions for your business or nonprofit.

Why I Do It

I often hear clients say that they hope their business or non-profit will succeed. To that, I say, “Hope is not a strategy”. Intentional, result-oriented action, however, is.

When you own your numbers, you own your power. That’s why I offer carefully structured, strategic services to nurture relationships, enhance communications, and streamline processes. 

from the earth

My goal is to guide your business from a “hope” strategy to a “growth” strategy.

My Services

My in-depth Gestalt process takes you through the Cycle of Experience to reveal your full potential. From developing awareness to taking action to ultimately finding closure, my services are customized to help you  open your eyes to new possibilities and cultivate a long-term growth mindset.

1. Clarity: Insight — Assessing "what is"

Organizational Assessment 
4-6 weeks

Through strategic conversations and gradual discovery, the Insight process involves heightening your awareness of what already “is” by describing, defining, and assessing the current situation. 

Change which emerges but is not fully explored leads to confusion, frustration, & failure. That’s why I spend more time here fattening the figure from the field that will lead to deeper adaptation.

Cycle of Experience – Awareness: The individual experiences awareness of a need that disturbs the steady state. Awareness begins to develop through a mixture of feelings, thoughts and perceptions – e.g. hunger, my body senses hunger. I become aware of the sensation. 

2. Growth: Choice — Choosing what to attend to

Strategic Planning 
4-6 weeks

When energy or interest is emerging around an area of growth, you mindfully select what to attend to. 

Cycle of Experience – Energy: We will mobilize your innate energy in response to the awareness of a specific need that is seeking satisfaction. 

3. Confidence: Action — Acting on the choice

Activate Plan 
4-6 weeks

At this point, specific themes emerge, whether there is an issue to solve or a polarity to manage. The energy for change or for sameness grows. Tuning in to these competing elements, the work can begin to examine the tension between the two.

If clarity does not surface, an experiment could be proposed that would further heighten the awareness of the situation.

Cycle of Experience – Contact: Energy is released and Contact is made with that which will satisfy the need. During contact, whatever is other than the self is digested by destructuring to find what is new or different, and assimilating or integrating it. 

4. Relief: Rooting — Anchor the work

Monthly Maintenance  

To sustain awareness, we anchor the work through raising awareness and agreeing to focus on those aspects that are new or clearer. 

Too often this step is rushed. It’s better to spend more time on it so your discoveries or accomplishments have a chance to be acknowledged.

Cycle of Experience – Change: When what is new or different has been satisfactorily destructured and assimilated, change occurs within you. 

5. Focus: Creating Meaning/Closure — Appreciation, recognition, and assimilation

Closure. Expressing what is new or different anchors the process. Shared meaning can evolve, which can lead to greater cooperation and commitment. 

A clearer understanding of the new “what is” emerges.

Cycle of Experience – Closing: Once the original need has been satisfied, you return to a steady state by withdrawing from the experience and closing the cycle. When the cycle has been completed, you would return to sensation and wait for a new figure to emerge from the fertile ground that has been created by you.

Kind Words

“Patricia helped me tremendously when I was feeling overwhelmed in my non-profit role. Thanks to her insights, I have a clearer understanding of my goals for the future, and how to get there.”